Generate governmental legal documents and certificates

Tech Stack

Next.js + Typescript + Prisma + TailwindCSS + Express.js + Ghost.js + Redis + Redis IO + PostgreSQL + Docker + Docker Compose


CertidãoJá is a platform where users can consult and generate governmental legal documents and certificates. This project was created alongside my friend who is a UI Designer and designed the interface while I developed all the code and implemented the infrastructure.

CertidãoJá homepage

This project uses microservices as architecture with 4 services for payments, notifications, storage and another for generating and consulting documents and certificates. Also an API Gateway to handle requests between them was built, and a RESTful API to persist and consult data in the database. For the front-end we used Next.js with SSR to improve the page time speed and SEO optimizations. This project also includes a back-office application also built in Next.js to manage orders, payments, voucher codes, documents, and more. The blog was developed utilizing Ghost.js.

CertidãoJá homepage